Covid-19 Staff Screening

Screen Staff to Keep Them and your Customers Safe

We now have a breakthrough in Covid-19 Testing that allows for affordable, fast and highly accurate staff screening.

With highly accurate easy to use testing you can now manage this risk to your employees and your business. Staff safety is now easier to manage with regular screening allowing for you to continue operating during this difficult time. The test is so easy and fast that employees can test at home before traveling to work.

Please start your screening program without delay.

The Antigen test at a glance

Clinical sensitivity: 94.24%

Clinical specificity: 99.9%.

Results in 10 minutes

Easy to use

High accuracy

CE certified

The COVID-19 Antigen test from PCL is very easy to use and requires no specialist knowledge.

The test takes 10 minutes with a little saliva and is therefore both easier and more comfortable than the sometimes painful nasopharyngeal swabs.

Simply put the low price, ease of use and high accuracy make this ideally suited for workplace and site screening.

PCR Testing

Staff Screening, Fit to Fly and Test to Release.

We provide a Business Kit, so you can immediately respond to a suspected outbreak. The kit contains 5 individually packaged PCR self-tests, plus the required PPE to safely test your staff. Ideal for:

  • Workplace outbreaks
  • Emergency travel
  • Test to release

We also provide a same day on-site service for businesses, travelling to your workplace to deliver PCR tests. Once completed, these tests are collected later that day, with results available next day.

The PCR test is an incredibly accurate method of determining whether a person currently has Covid-19. This test will determine who in your organisation has the active virus, allowing you to quickly put the measures needed to stop further spread. Waiting for a test slot and  travelling to a test site is a lengthy and inconvenient process, and can increases the chances of the virus spreading.

PCR Test in Progress

Covid-19 PCR Self-test kit.

PCR Test Kit

This PCR test will identify whether the subject currently has Covid-19.

(This test will not tell you whether you have had Covid-19 in the past)

  • One PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Self-Test Kit.
  • Easy to use, self-test kit to identify the active virus.
  • A swab is taken from the back of the throat and nasal cavity.
  • Prepaid tracked return postage.
  • PDF results certificate included.
  • Results within 48 hours of lab receiving sample.
  • Next Day delivery (If ordered before 1pm Mon-Fri).

£137.00 (inc. P&P)

PCR self-test kit to identify whether you currently have COVID-19.

  • Approved for Fit to Fly and Day 5 Test to Release
  • Easy to use, test kit to identify for the active virus
  • PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Self-Test Kit
  • A swab is taken from the back of the throat and nasal cavity
  • Prepaid tracked return postage
  • Digital results certificate
  • Results within 24 hours of lab receiving sample

For the fastest result. Same day delivery and collection from your work or home.

All the benefits of our Postal PCR Self-Test Kit plus:

  • Arrives same day if ordered before 2pm
  • Collected by us later the same day
  • No need to leave the home

Please note: This service is available to London and the South of England (some restrictions apply).

The PCR test at a glance

PCR test to determine if a person currently has COVID-19

Self-administered “swab” test of the nose and throat

Tests are delivered to site within 24 hours

Tests are collected from site the same day

Results are available within 48 hours

The key benefits of our on-site PCR testing service

Fast and accurate

  • Same day delivery of PCR tests to your site.
  • Results available within 48 hours.
  • Incredibly accurate testing.

Mobile and agile

  • We travel to your workplace.
  • Removes the need for employees to travel to a testing site.
  • All employees can be tested at the same time.


  • One easy phone call to arrange.
  • We deliver the tests to you.
  • We collect the completed tests later that day.

Antibody Testing

Covid-19 antibody detection test – fast and highly accurate results.

Testing On Site using our AFIAS 6 (automated fluorescent immunoassay system), an optimal solution for those who need to quickly and accurately screen their employees or members for the presence of Covid-19 antibodies. This test will quickly determine whether or not someone has had an immune response to the virus.

Those who have developed the antibody would test positive on this test.

This gives employers the benefit of knowing who has been exposed to the virus within their organisation, allowing them to plan ahead and understanding any level of risk they are currently operating under.

The antibody test at a glance

IgM & Antibody Assay

Immunochromatography test

Pin prick blood test

Clinical Sensitivity – 100%

Clinical Specificity – 97%

Portable machines – Mobile response units

A cost-effective option for testing

Results in 15 minutes

CE certified and MHRA permitted

The key benefits of our onsite antibody testing service.

Fast and accurate

  • Point of care test service.
  • Results available in 15 minutes.
  • Highly accurate testing using the AFIAS 6.

Mobile and agile

  • Mobile testing unit to your workplace.
  • No need for employees to travel to testing site.
  • All employees can be tested on the same day.


  • One easy phone call to arrange.
  • Dedicated team travel to you.
  • All results available same day.
"Arranging an alternate test locally as you did, and even allowing us to purchase from the lab directly I feel was going above and beyond on your part, so thank you again."

Our Covid-19 testing services

Test Method Mobile Antibody Test Team Mobile PCR Test Team PCR Test Kit
Determine if you have had the virus
Determine if you have the virus
Determine if the vaccine is having an antibody response
Onsite testing
Results within 15 minutes
Results within 24 hours
Self-administered swab test
Same day service available
24-hour dispatch and return postage
Accredited UK lab analysis
Results certificate
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The challenges we share...

Under Track and Trace legislation, we can see parts of our business completely shut down. Testing allows us to see if and how the virus is affecting our businesses, giving us more time to react and manage the wellbeing of our staff, whilst maintaning and protecting our livelihoods.

Travelling for business or leisure has become complicated, many countries now ask for eveidence of testing before entering. Quick and responsive testing services allow us to continue on those journeys with peace of mind.

Our economy...

Amidst the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, testing has been shown to be a key element in fighting the virus, this in turn helps reduce economic damage.

Testing for Covid-19 will allow the us to understand how the disease is spreading through our communities and workplaces, only by understanding this, can we collectively and effectively fight back against the virus and help prevent further economic damage.

We understand how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our personal, leisure and working lives. That’s why we are here to provide you, your family or your business with the testing that will put you at ease. 

Testing is useful to help inform your choices but you should still always follow the latest advice from the government.

Why work with us ?

Trusted by healthcare providers

As well as the proven accuracy of our system, we have already successfully partnered with private healthcare providers.

Established and approved

We have been shortlisted for innovative UK funding as part of the UK government's Covid-19 business led innovation programme.

Continuous research

Our initiative to collect and track key data is to help set up clinical response studies with the support of NIHR & MHR to research relapse and reinfection prevention protocols for the UK government.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve gathered together a list of the most common questions people have. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for please do get in touch.

Yes. You will receive a PDF certificate to the email address you provided when you registered your kit.

Yes. You will receive a PDF certificate to the email address you provided when you registered your kit.

Postal service

Once we receive your order, it will be dispatched same-day for orders placed before 2pm using an overnight courier service. You’ll receive a confirmation email when your kit has been dispatched.

Orders placed from 2pm on Friday to Sunday and on public holidays will be dispatched on the next working day.

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for failures of the courier once it has been dispatched. We provide tracking numbers for time sensitive orders so you can monitor your order’s progress.

Express service

Orders received before 2pm will be delivered directly to you that afternoon. It will be collected from you late afternoon for direct return to the lab.

Your results will be available next day. This service is available 7 days a week.

Postal service

All PCR test kits come with a Royal Mail 24hr tracked return label so you get your results faster.

Royal Mail has designated certain post-boxes as “priority” for use with coronavirus testing. You must use these to return your sample.

When returning your samples, use the Royal Mail service finder to check the location of your nearest priority postbox.

Express service

No need to worry, we will collect if from you late afternoon on the same day.

The PCR test is a combined throat and nose swab. A detailed instruction leaflet is included in your kit. Public Health England have produced a video to guide the sample collection process.

Once your sample has been received back in the laboratory, we aim to get your results to you within 24 hours.

Your results are sent to the email address you provided when you registered the kit. Included will be a certificate and an explanation of the result.

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